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Contractor Mortgages

From IT to Project Management to Risk Assessment and more. Every professional working as a contractor is different and each requires different attention for their mortgage needs.
At Jordan Lynch we have been working with independent professionals since 2006. Tailoring each of their mortgages to their bespoke requirements.


Why Choose Jordan Lynch?

Being a contractor offers independence and flexibility with working, but can present unique challenges when purchasing a home and securing a mortgage.

Jordan Lynch has a dedicated team of advisors who specialise in arranging mortgages for contractors.

As an independent mortgage brokerage we have access to lenders who are able to fund mortgages for contractors regardless of whether they are paid by a 12 month contract, a 6 month contract, or by a day rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is my income assessed as a contractor?

How can I strengthen my likelihood of securing a mortgage as a contractor?

How can an offset mortgage help me?

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