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Contractor Mortgages

Working as a contractor can offer independence and flexibility, but you can be presented with many challenges when applying for a mortgage. This is because most mainstream lenders use a one size fits all tick box approach to underwriting, which often discriminates against contractors and the self-employed resulting in lower loan amounts being offered or a decline.

Instructing a competent mortgage advisor such as Jordan Lynch is the key to a contractor securing the required mortgage, as the knowledge of lender criteria together with the presentation of the application is of paramount importance.


Why Choose Jordan Lynch?

At Jordan Lynch we have been arranging mortgages for contractors since we were founded in 2006 and now have a dedicated team set up to serve this important sector.

Our expert team of contractor advisers have an oracle of knowledge of each lender criteria and have direct access to the senior underwriting teams at High St Banks, Building Societies and Specialist lenders. This level of knowledge and access enables us to navigate underwriting hurdles with mainstream lenders to obtain prime rates and create a bespoke mortgage solution for the more complex proposals.

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