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We're a trusted mortgage partner for barristers

Our award-winning team have been arranging mortgages for barristers since 2006 and we have dedicated advisors that provide a highly personalised service to barristers, KCs and high court judges practising in the UK. We pride ourselves in the premium, client-led service we provide and can turn around the vast majority of barrister mortgage applications very quickly.

We understand your profession

The complex nature of your income structure can make it difficult to get a mortgage, and the career trajectory of a barrister don't always fit neatly into the algorithms often used by mainstream lenders to underwrite mortgage applications. That's why we work with lenders who are more likely to take into account factors such as a steep increase in earnings early in your career, aged debt, or those barristers willing and able to work beyond the state retirement age. We'll work with you and present the clearest picture of your financial situation to one of our trusted lenders, using things like earnings forecasts to showcase affordability and secure the best value product that's right for your circumstances.

When it comes to barrister mortgages, working with an experienced broker can significantly raise your chances of success and make the process as stress-free as possible. As a trusted mortgage partner for barristers across the UK, we'll provide support and advice at every step of the way. Our team of friendly advisors pride themselves on their high levels of communication and client satisfaction, as well as ensuring they help you secure finance for your dream home.

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